Condition Report For Lot# 905 :
the pendulum, weight and bell are absent. There are old repairs to the rear of the dial plate; hour hand original, minute hand replaced. You will find a cousin to this movement showing as illustration # 27 in THE BOOK OF AMERICAN CLOCKS, by Brooks Palmer. Brooks surely knew he was showing a tall clock movement, but his secretary probably typed in "hang-up clock" while Brooks was sleeping on his office couch. All of these Blasdel movements are similar to French lantern clocks. David either had one as an example or had apprenticed with a French-Canadian clockmaker. Dials are always very crude, the name boss, typical of his clocks, appearing to have been engraved (using the term loosely) with a nail or dull chisel. Original spandrels missing, these are make shift. Hour hand is original, minute hand a poor replacement. This example of Blaisdel's work is about as good as we have ever seen; his were all crude (his sons got better): Most appear today as loose movements and although one could make a seat board and mount on a bracket as a wag, they were originally cased.