Condition Report For Lot# 70 :
these items have been in storage and are dusty and in need of cleaning and restoration. The movement has very fine wheels and jeweled pallets in the Graham style anchor. It has a counter weight for the minute hand, Harrison's ratchet for maintaining power, and has separate bearings and end stops for each arbor [see detail photo]. This heavy movement is identical to others we have sold by Condliff of Liverpool. The pendulum is finely made and is missing one of the large faceted adjustment nuts for one bottom ball, and has one broken pivot; also needs a long steel indicator hand {scale is there}. Pendulum uses Ellicotts principle of pivoted levers against dissimilar metals. The case has some chips in the veneer, some dry splits and some loose joints, but is basically sound and of substantial construction to hold a very heavy movement. Dimensions for the case are shown. Pendulum is approx one meter in length and the dial diameter is 16" plates measure 10.5in by 8in. Crutch fork is taped to rear of movement Components might be assembled, or used to restore other projects.