Condition Report For Lot# 654 :
the case retains its original finish, nicely rubbed down, with some repairs and restoration to bent pyramidal surface and finial on pagoda top and several minor age splits on base. Some of the fretwork needs to be reglued but is mostly present and the front of the feet have been trimmed back. The dial is in excellent condition and is signed Durfee on the rear. The rare "Bow Bells" playing movement chimes "Whittington in imitation of the "Bow Bells" in the city of London striking on all eight tubes. The "Westminster" feature plays the famous chime in the belfry of the House of Parliament in London on four tubes. Please see Tran Duy Ly's "Longcase Clocks and Standing Regulators" page 142 for reference. This is the first Durfee Bow Bells marked model we have ever sold.