Condition Report For Lot# 578 :
(1) The oak case is in very good condition with original finish and "The Graph phone decal on the lid and another decal on the back. The original reproducer with sapphire stylus is present. The mechanism is free, but it appears the spring may be broken (not a huge spring like larger phonographs) as it slips in the barrel after several winding turns. The nickel plating is quite good and the proper style winding key is present. (2) This compact leatherette covered case is only 5.25" wide, 6.25" tall and 8" deep and is in good shape with only a few nicks. However, the leather carrying strap is missing (the metal cleats to hold it are present) , The reproducer and arm are there (one small screw missing) , turntable and original crank are present. These compact machines were often used on picnics and outings.