Condition Report For Lot# 566 :
The mechanism is complete, along with the original crank, but needs cleaning and oiling as it is sluggish but will operate with coaxing. It has an original model "C" reproducer with good sapphire stylus. The dovetailed lower part of the oak case has refinished at some time. The original domed top has its gilt and red decal with "Edison Home Phonograph". There is a piece of veneer missing on the top left of the domed the top. The top was not refinished to save the original decal. The handle may be a replacement and its securing posts have been strengthened inside. Although the four clips that secure the top to the machine are present and working, DO NOT CARRY THIS MACHINE BY THE HANDLE as these clips can easily fail. The brass end of the horn needs attention as it was painted and someone has tried to scrape the paint off in a harsh manner. A reproduction horn crane is included.