Condition Report For Lot# 494 :
(1) the Plymouth top plinth and eagle finial are detached but present. (2) The oak "Eclipse" top glass is out of the bezel, it needs a pendulum bob, and its finish and dial are new. (3) The figure "8" appears complete, with old surface, although the dial may be an old paper replacement. (4) The Welch has been fully restored with new finish and paper dial. (5) The case has some original finish and is in nice condition. The paper dial is a replacement. The hands are correct. The bottom door glass is original. (6) The mahogany case is in nice condition with some white paint dots. The dial is a paper replacement. The hands are correct. The movement is signed. The bottom glass has been broken and needs to be replaced. Hts 29 in, 24 in, 33 in, 34.5, 26.5in and 22in..