Condition Report For Lot# 489 :
(1) Mahogany case rough with mirror panel top needing restoration. Original wood dial and hands. (2) Mahogany case with veneer replacement on base. Original wood dial, hands, movement, pendulum, label. (3) Mahogany case with serious veneer loss on rounded moldings. Repainted dial and tablet. Replaced mirror and hands, good label & pendulum. (4) Mahogany case with minor veneer loss on base. Repainted wood dial, darkened label, Original movement, hands. Replaced tablet. (5) Movement is Riley Whiting type 1.73, not original to case. Proper wood dial. Splat and chimneys in bottom of case. Original pendulum, label and pair of reproduction hands. Tablet not original. (6) Mahogany case with veneer loss. Original lower tablet, missing center glass. Original dial, hands and movement. Reproduction feet and dust caps included. Plaster gilt eagle splat in case and some miscellaneous loose parts in case. Four sets of 30 hour weights and one set of 8 day weights included.