Condition Report For Lot# 451 :
(1) The case retains some of its original finish. The stenciling on the columns and splat is still strong. The movement may have been previously converted from a long drop to a short drop, The original painted dial is in excellent condition. The hands are original. The label is excellent. The top door glass is original. The glass tablet has been restored in place. Ht. 29". (2) The case has a nice finish. There are some surface areas on the outside of the left column that will need attention. The original painted dial shows loss (in-filled) in several different areas, The hands are replacements. The center tablet of the White House is new on old glass and the lower tablet of the Smithsonian is period with restoration. Ht. 32.5". (3) Mahogany in an old finish with scattered veneer loss. Original painted metal dial with some loss at the winding arbors. Hour hand is original. Minute hand is a replacement. Original frosted tablets. Plaster eagle splat is poor copy and damaged. Right front foot is missing. Both back feet have some damage. Movement is signed. Ht. 36".