Condition Report For Lot# 313 :
With the S. B. Terry bankruptcy on Jan 1, 1859 and the subsequent sale to the Seth Thomas Clock Company of the tooling and rights to make the Terry Regulator, this clock is likely to be a late S. B. Terry case which was fitted up with the standard Seth Thomas rectangular movement (4 1/4" by 2 5/8") after the sale. The original painted dial is in good condition with only minor loss at the mounting holes. The hands are original. The door tablet is original and in very nice condition. The weight baffle has a wonderful "S. B. Terry - Terryville, Conn." label. The beat indicator label remains in good condition. The case has some areas of veneer loss, but retains some early finish. The case bottom has been repaired, likely due to a runaway weight. There is no pendulum rod or bob.