Condition Report For Lot# 1160 :
CASE: Dings and pin pricks; Minor scratches on outer surface of case; Fine scratches on inner surface of case; Minor gap between front cover and band when closed; Cover extends beyond 90 degrees when opened, front, 110 deg.; Front cover hinge a bit sticky; Crown worn. DIAL: Minor hairline concealed by bezel, 10:30; Filled chip concealed by bezel, 9:00. HANDS: Good, seconds with minor bends. MOVEMENT PLATES: Minor scratches on plate; Minor scratches on ratchet wheel; Ratchet wheel with fine specks of oxide; Bright work with a few specks of oxide; One balance endstone setting screw broken. MOVEMENT FUNCTION: Running order (winds, sets and ticks) ; License good, box with scratches and minor losses.