Condition Report For Lot# 1095 :
CASE: Dings; Minor scratches on outer surface of case; Fine scratches on inner surface of case; Plastic crystal; Minor scratches on crystal; Crown worn. DIAL: Specks of dirt and a few minor scratches, otherwise very good. HANDS: Minor scratches and specks of oxide. MOVEMENT PLATES: Minor scratches on plate; Minor straining; A few screws with minor oxide; Dirty. MOVEMENT FUNCTION: Running order (winds, sets and ticks). During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Vacheron and Constantin advertised watches made to fit American size cases (this watch is in its original, gold filled Crescent case) , with lever setting, and adjustments meeting the requirements for use in railroad service. The watches could be used in the United States for railroads not requiring an American made timekeeper, and also in Canada, which used large numbers of Swiss imports for railroad timekeeping. These export watches also had a center jewel in the bottom plate, as did their American counterparts, a practice not generally used in the Swiss industry.