Condition Report For Lot# 953 :
Mahogany lyre form case stamped no. 11 in original finish. Reverse painted glass has some a couple very small flaked areas. Convex form dial with very minor flakes at the mounting pins. The obituary of Mr. Conlon who died at the age of 53 is glued inside the case. Movement used in this case was made by E. Howard & Co. James Girard Conlon was born Aug. 12, 1906 at Boston, MA, the son of James E. Conlon and wife Mary G. (Dalton) Conlon. James E. Conlon made copies of Willard's banjo, lyre, girandole, Mass. shelf, and lighthouse clocks in the early 1900's. James G. took over his father's business in 1948. Ht 40"