Condition Report For Lot# 71 :
CASE: Not original to the movement; Minor ding, band; Pin prick, edge of back cover; Fine scratches on outer surface of case; Very fine scratches on outer surface of case; A few minor scratches on cuvette; Plastic crystal; Precious metal content marked. DIAL: A few edge flakes, concealed by bezel; A few minor scratches. HANDS: Good. MOVEMENT PLATES: Minor scratches on plate; Pin pricks on balance cock; Minor gouge in balance cock at screw; Winding wheels with a few specks of oxide; Winding wheels with a few minor scratches; Spot of oxide on click; Specks of dirt / dust; Hairspring with minor rust. MOVEMENT FUNCTION: Running order (winds, sets and ticks). RARITY: This is a three star watch in Gilbert, Engle and Shugart's `Complete Price Guide to Watches`, total production for the grade 710 was 280 watches