Condition Report For Lot# 711 :
(1) Rosewood veneered case in original finish with a veneer repair to the block just above the drop. Period painted dial with wear and minor loss. Dial and movement may not be original to this case as there are extra holes under the dial and the movement would need to be mounted on blocks to bring in forward enough to pass throw the dial. Tablet is a replacement. Pendulum is correct, but finials are replaced and too small. Nice label on the back of the case. (2) Refinished walnut case. The side corners on the top molding appear to be missing. Original paper dial is stained and worn. Center area of the dial is missing. Pendulum, gong and base, and hands are missing. Tablet maybe a replacement. (3) Walnut case has lost its original finish. Paper dial has been replaced. Hands are replacement. Tablet looks to be original. Original pendulum. (4) Mahogany veneered case has lost its finish and has repairs on the base. Painted dial looks to be original with some loss. Hands and pendulum are missing and upper round part of the door is missing. Original frosted glass is cracked. (5) Mahogany veneered with minor veneer loss on the cornice and repairs on the base. Original dial glass with some loss. Movement is signed "Brewster & Ingrahams". There is no dial, hands, verge or pendulum. Mirror is a replacement. Center glass is missing. (6) Stripped walnut case. Original dial is soiled and worn. Hands, pendulum, gong base and gong are missing. (7) Stripped rosewood veneered case. Tablet looks to be original. (8) Stripped rosewood veneered case with some loss and repairs on the base. Period painted dial has been redrilled for the movement in this case. There are no hands, pendulum, gong or lower tablet. Finials are missing. (9) Walnut case in original finish. One of the side pieces is missing. Original paper dial has age darkened. Original hands and pendulum and tablet. Remains of a label in the bottom of the case.