Condition Report For Lot# 710 :
(1) Rosewood veneered case with remains of original finish. Dial is a replacement. Original dial glass and mirror. Hands are not original. The top front and right cornice molding has been replace. Clean label inside the case. There is no pendulum. (2) Stripped softwood case that was originally grain painted. Original dial has paint loss with new paint outside of the chaper ring. Door glass is missing. There are no hands or pendulum. (3) Mahogany veneered case in an old finish with some veneer loss on the base. Bottom glass is a replacement. Spring on the strike side is missing. Strike hammer is missing. Painted dial has loss around the edges with wear. There is no pendulum. (4) Stripped rosewood veneered case in nice condition except that someone nailed the two base sidepieces to the case. Dial has been repainted and fits the case, but is probably not original. Both glasses are original. Pendulum is missing. Hands are mismatched. (5) Mahogany veneered case under an old finish with loss and repairs. Left finial has a broken tip. Original dial has been repainted. Original tablet. Movement is signed. Hands and part of the lock are missing. (6) The Atkins movement has been replaced by a Gilbert movement. The painted dial has significant loss. The hands are absent. The rosewood case is in nice condition. The door glasses are original. The door knobs are absent. Ht 16 3/4". (7) The rosewood case is in nice condition, The lower door is absent, There is no dial. The hands and the upper door glasses are original with some flaking. Ht 16 3/4". (8) The rosewood case has some veneer loss. The painted dial shows some loss. Only the winding arbor remains in the strike train. Ht 16 3/4".