Condition Report For Lot# 706 :
(1) Walnut and walnut veneered case with some loss on the base. (2) Stripped mahogany and mahogany veneered case in good condition. Original dial glass. Tablet has been poorly restored. Original signed brass movement. There is no pendulum, hands, dial or gong. (3) Rosewood veneered case with restoration on the base. (4) Mahogany veneered case with repair on the right side of the base. Remains of original frosted tablet. (5) Rosewood and mahogny veneered case with some lifting on the front edge. The mahogany on the doors has been restored. Both tablets have been restored. Case only. (6) Oak case with remains of original finish. The case contains a large Seth Thomas movement. The dial has turned dark. Whatever time recording movement was in this case is now missing. What you have is a case, movement and dial, one hand and a pendulum. (7) Dark stained soft wood case with original finish with some separation in the throat area that will need some attention. Dial has been repainted. Hands, pendulum and finial are original.