Condition Report For Lot# 704 :
(1) Henry Terry. Mahogany veneered case in an old finish. Feet are new and the splat is missing. Tablet has been redone on the original glass. The Mark Leavenworth movement and dial are not original to the case. Period hands. There are no weights. (2) Empty OG case. Original tablet with loss. (3) Mahogany veneered case with loss. Both half columns inside the case. There is no dial, hands, pendulum, gong, weights and splat. Movement is not a Leavenworth. (4) Horace Burr. Columns and splat have been restenciled. Painted wood dial has circular scratch marks from the winding key. Period hands. Mirror is broken. There are no weights or pendulum. (5) Williams, Orten, Prestons & Co. Mahogany veneered case with some loss. There are no weights, pendulum, dial, or hands. (6) Chauncey Jerome. Mahogany veneered case in nice condition. The door has been reveneered. The Movement in this clock is most likely not original as there are pulleys for a weight OG type movement. There is no dial, hands, weights or pendulum.