Condition Report For Lot# 702 :
(1) The case is nicely finished. The porcelain dial has one very small hairline crack. The hands are original. The case back door indicates it may be a 14 day movement. Ht 8". (2) The case finish appears original. The dial and hands are correct. The pendant is missing from the left hand side of the case. Ht 11 1/2". (3) The case has a nice original finish, correct dial and hands and the movement is signed. Ht 12". (4) The case is very dark. The gilt dial and hands are in nice, original condition. Ht 11". (5) The mahogany adamantine finish is original but dark, The hands and dial are correct. Ht 11 1/2". (6) The case is missing most of the ornamentation pieces as well as the back door. The porcelain dial and hands are excellent. Ht 10".