Condition Report For Lot# 697 :
(1) Refinished mahogany case with splat missing; painted wooden dial in nice condition; original hands; original top glass; original painted tablet with significant loss in center; Carved feet may be earlier replacements; no weights; (2) Mahogany case with missing splat, chimneys, returns and half columns Painted wood dial in fair condition. Minute hand missing; Top glass original; Tablet original with significant flaking; (3) Mahogany case in fair condition; appears to have been a wooden movement clock; (4) Hands, weights, strike gong and tablet are missing; painted wood dial in nice condition; (5) Mahogany case has lost its original finish, stenciled columns and splat are worn, painted dial is in good condition with one horizontal crack; the upper glass is original; the lower glass is old but has been repainted. The weights are missing;