Condition Report For Lot# 691 :
(1) Rosewood veneered in original finish with small chip on the base. The thin case sides and top are bowed because of the common practice of veneering one side. Painted dial is a replacement. (2) Rosewood veneered case with ripple molding in an old finish. The two side pieces on the base are missing. Original painted dial with some loss and inpainting. Minute hand is a replacement. (3) Rosewood veneered case in an old finish with some veneer loss on the base. Original dial pan has been repainted. There are a couple of poor solder repairs to the beat adjustment lever. There are no hands. (4) Mahogany veneered case with applied gold stenciling in original finish with wear to the stenciling. Original painted dial has scattered paint loss. Replaced minute hand. (5) The case has been refinished and has a highly polished look. The wood dial has been repainted and is not original. This clock most likely had a metal dial. The gong, pendulum, door knob and hands are missing. The lower etched glass tablet is a replacement.