Condition Report For Lot# 690 :
(1) Chauncey Boardman mahogany veneered case with veneer loss on the right side. Carved capitals are missing. The top is a replacement created from old wood. Original tin bottom tablet has lost most of its paint. Mirror is period. There is no dial, hands, weights or pendulum. (2) Mahogany veneered case with losses on the bottom. Mirror is a replacement. The 30 hours, time, strike and alarm movement is not original as the case label states this was an, 8 days, clock. There is no dial, hands, weights, bell or pendulum. (3) Jeromes & Darrow. Mahogany veneered case with some veneer repairs on the base. Original stenciled columns and splat. Painted tablet is a replacement. Bottom glass is missing. Proper, 8 days, wood movement by Jeromes & Darrow, but came from a different case as this movement had an alarm that is now missing. The period dial fits the movement, but belongs to a movement without an alarm. There are no hands, weights or pendulum. (4) C. & L.C. Ives. Mahogany veneered case. Splat, upper door and one of the center columns are missing. Bottom door and the side pieces that hold the mirror are inside the case. Strap brass movement is probably not original has it does not fit into the slots in the case. There is no dial, hands, weights or pendulum. (5) Mahogany veneered case looks to be a Munger from the wallpaper lined interior. Period mirror and glass. There is no splat, hands, dial, movement, weights or pendulum.