Condition Report For Lot# 689 :
(1) Ansonia Brass & Copper Co. Rosewood veneered case in old finish with veneer repairs on the base and a couple chips on the cornice molding. Original painted dial with some wear to the numbers and crazing. Nice label inside the case. There are no weights, hands, pendulum or movement (originally had a William A. Terry patent calendar movement). (2) Seth Thomas. Rosewood veneered case with most of the finish gone. The cornice top and the two dial bezels have lost their veneer. The base has considerable veneer loss. There are no movements, dials, pendulum, hands or weights. (3) Mahogany and rosewood veneered case in an old finish with small loss on the top cornice. Painted metal dial with some loss at the mounting pins and the winding arbors. Hands and pendulum are missing. Original tablet with some loss. (4) Refinished mahogany veneered case with some loss on the base and the cornice. Tablets in the top door are original. Bottom glass is clear. Hands, dial, pendulum and verge are missing. Label is mostly missing and may have been for E. O. Goodwin, Bristol, who sold most of these and had B & I movements. (5) Refinished mahogany and rosewood veneered case with some loss on the outer molding and on the right side. Original painted dial with minor loss. Minute hand looks to be a replacement. Original tablet with background loss. Pendulum is missing.