Condition Report For Lot# 685 :
(1) Mahogany veneered case in an old and possibly original finish. Original painted dial with minor dings. Wood movement is a Silas Hoadley (in fact the case and dial appear supplied by Hoadley). Stencil on the splat is modern. Gilding on the columns may be original. Original label with some loss. Glasses are not original. Ht 31 1/2"; (2) Mahogany veneered case has lost its original finish and has some veneer repairs on the base. The top has been very nicely restored (the two mirrors were probably reverse stenciled - see other example in this auction). The veneer on the door may have been restored. Period mirror in the door. Original painted dial with general wear and some minor damage just below the alarm winding hole. The hands are unusual, but probably original as other example in this auction has the same hands. Dark but readable label inside the case. There are no weights or pendulum. Ht 27 1/2"; (3) The case retains some original finish. There are a few minor veneer chips. The verge, hands and gong are missing. The movement is signed Forestville Manufacturing Co. The dial is signed J. C. Brown and has some inpainting repairs. The upper door glass is old while the lower etched tablet is a replacement. Ht 17 3/4"; (4) The original finish is mostly gone. The movement is signed "A. S. Platt, Bristol, CT" (a movement manufacturer who supplied many firms). The original painted dial has loss at the screw holes. The hands are original. The top door glass is original and the bottom door tablet of an American Eagle is very nice with limited loss. See page 402 of "Waterbury Clocks and Watches" which shows this as the Chauncey Jerome's shelf clock case design, patented April 14, 1857. Ht 20 3/4"; (5) The case has lost its original finish and some areas have been re-veneered. The movement is signed "Brewster & Ingrahams, Bristol, CT". The original painted dial has paint loss at the screw holes. The hands, pendulum and four finials are missing. The top door glass is old but may be a replacement. The lower door tablet is original but there is significant loss. Ht 20 1/4"