Condition Report For Lot# 679 :
(1) Mahogany veneered case in an old finish with some damage on the lower left corner. Both tablets are original with the bottom cracked in several places. The dial is period, but apparently from a different clock as the winding holes have been enlarged. Minute hand is missing. Remains of a label inside the case. Movement is signed. Ht 27 1/2"; (2) Mahogany veneered case with all of the veneer missing on the half-round moldings. The sides of the case have a very dark stain that obscures the grain. The veneer on the door is intact. Original painted dial has been poorly repaired with attempts to fix the chapter ring and some of the numbers. Minute hand is a replacement. Original faux etched tablet is very worn. Blue label inside the case is dark and difficult to read. Ht 19"; (3) Mahogany case in original finish with a couple of dings and scratches. Original painted dial has scattered paint loss over much of the surface. Original tablet with loss. Original hands and finials. Ht 25"; (4) Mahogany veneered half column & splat case in need of restoration. The veneer is in good shape. The splat, dial, pendulum, alarm disk and weights are missing. Partial label inside the case. Correct movement. Ht 24"; (5) CASE: Worn or Rough Finish. DIAL: Original; Flaking at Winding/Screw Holes. MOVEMENT: Original. LABEL: Original with some loss. TABLETS / GLASSES: Original. PENDULUM: Original. HANDS: Original. WEIGHTS: Original. HEIGHT: Ht 26 "