Condition Report For Lot# 677 :
(1) The case retains its original finish but shows wear. The original paper dial has darkened with age. The movement is signed. The hands are missing. The label is a vivid green. Ht 14". (2) The case has been refinished. The original painted dial has completely flaked away. The hands are missing. The top door glass is original. The original bottom door glass has a nice gilt image on a black background. The strike gong is missing. Ht 16". (3) The case retains some original finish and has veneer loss on both the left and right base moldings. The original dial pan has been fitted with a paper dial. There are no hands or pendulum. The top door glass is original as is the gilt on black tablet. The label is in very good condition. Ht.14"; (4) The case retains some finish. There are veneer issues on both the lower right and lower left moldings. The original painted dial has loss at the screw holes. The hands are period but may not be original to the clock. The door glasses both appear to be original. The original label is mounted on the back side of the lower door glass. Ht 15". (5) Most of the finish is gone. The movement has a signed lyre movement. There are no hands, no dial and no pendulum.. The door tablet is missing. Ht 14 1/2".