Condition Report For Lot# 676 :
(1) Welch, Spring & Co. Rosewood with original finish. The fancy top gallery is missing. One of the turned rings on the upper back right corner is missing. Nice label on the back of the case. There is no movement, dial, hands or pendulum. (2) Refinished rosewood veneered case with damage to the upper right OG molding. The two wood dial bezels were grain painted originally, are now plain. Original paper dial is soiled with wear. Hands are original. Bottom glass is now clear. (3) Walnut case with remains of original finish. Nice quality brass dial pan looks to be modern. The lower side pieces are missing. There are a couple of replacement side pieces that someone was trying to make. Heavy English-style fusee movement will need restoration as someone was little over zealous with the use of solder to make repairs, especially on the strike side. There are no hands or pendulum. (4) Refinished walnut case. Paper dial is a replacement. Hands are not original and too long. Case door and two top finials on top of the case are missing. The pendulum bob is not original.