Condition Report For Lot# 672 :
(1) Mahogany and rosewood veneered case in original finish with loss on the outer banding. Original painted dial with wear and loss at the mounting pins. Original tablet. (2) Mahogany veneered case in original finish. Bottom tablet now clear. Paper dial has age darkened a little with stains. Period hands. Pendulum may be replaced. (3) Walnut case in original finish. Bottom access door is missing. Original paper dial has age darkened. It looks like this clock was mounted on a base that is now missing. Original hands. Remains of a label on the back of the case. (4) The case looks to be made of oak in original finish with a small piece of wood replaced on the bottom. The door probably had a couple of narrow strips as evidenced by the notches in the molding in the lower section. Original silvered dial with some wear and fine scratches. Original hands and pendulum