Condition Report For Lot# 671 :
(1) The mahogany veneer retains some original finish with wear and some veneer repairs to the door. The hands, striking gong and weights are missing. The painted metal dial has significant loss, The upper door glass is original. The door mirror, while old, may replaced. Ht 23 1/2". (2) There is some original finish. The movement is signed but it and the dial may not be original to this case, The painted wood dial is in good condition. The movement is missing the striking hammer as well as hands and pendulum. The lower glass is a Fenn glass in nice condition. Ht 28". (3) The finish is rough and worn. The painted dial is in good condition and the hands are original. The half columns are now detached and stored inside the case. The door glass and mirror are both old and may be original to the case. There are no weights Ht 26" (4) Only the case and movement are included. There are no hands, dial, pendulum bob, gong, movement mounting bracket, weights or label. Ht 22 1/4"