Condition Report For Lot# 663 :
(1) This mahogany veneered case looks to be an old case that has been restored with new parts. The veneer on the doors has been very nicely restored. The candle finials are new. Both tablets are original with some loss. The wagon spring components look to be modern copies as they are rough castings and are not complete as there are parts missing. An appropriate movement is included that could be adapted to fit the case. There is no dial, hands or pendulum. Ht 26"; (2) Refinished mahogany veneered case with veneer repairs. Parts of the scroll look to be original with repairs to the tips, caps and side pieces. The feet have been replaced. The rear left foot is missing. Parts of the skirt look to be original with numerous repairs. Tablet is a photocopy applied to the glass. There are no hands, finials or weights. Dial is a replacement and the wrong type. Ht 28 1/2"; (3) Painted wood case with a stenciled splat with some wear to the finish on the base. One of the ears on the splat has broken off and is missing. Wood dial with wear and loss looks to be original to the case and fits the movement most likely made by Wadsworths, Lounsbury & Turners of Litchfield, CT. Dial is unusual with an inner and outer time ring with hour marks on the inner ring and minute marks on the outer ring. Tablet is a replacement. Period hands. Sherwin was known to have made his own movements, but he may have acquired some movements from Wadsworth. There is no label inside the case. Ht 30"; (4) Unusual mahogany case in nice condition in an original finish. Signed dial seems to fit the movement, but the winding holes have been moved a little which leads one to suspect the dial is not original to the case. Mirror is a replacement. Movement is signed. The dial glass is missing. There are no weights, pendulum or hands. Good label inside the case. Ht 32"