Condition Report For Lot# 660 :
(1) Nicely made brass movement. From the number of teeth on the escape wheel this looks to be a long pendulum movement. There is no weight, dial or hands. (2) Cast brass access door and a thinner brass case in good condition with some small areas of light tarnish. Original painted dial with some very light scratches at the winding arbors. Hands are original. Ht 7"; (3) Mahogany case in an old finish in nice condition with shrinkage crack in the wood case at eleven o'clock. Original painted dial signed "John Bull & Co., Bedford" in very nice condition with slight loss at the winding arbor. Bezel glass is missing. Original Hands. Quality made chain drive fusee movement. Ht 15"; (4) Painted frame with applied gold tone ornaments is in nice condition. Painting is very nice with some minor wear at the winding arbors. The dial has age darkened. Hands are missing. Ht 27"; (5) Oak case model with restoration. The sliding lower section may have been damaged or lost and a new nicely built replacement was made, but the wide grained oak that was used does not match rest of the case. The fancy pendulum aperture cover on the lower section is a modern cast copy. Although these covers were sometimes cast, most originals were pressed brass. Original painted dial is in good condition for its age. The minute hand is missing, but a repro is included. The alarm mechanism is intact, but pendulum is missing. The hood is missing a base molding that allows it to sit on the case molding and the hood door needs to be reglued. Ht 49"