Condition Report For Lot# 658 :
(1) Rosewood veneered case in original finish with couple chips on the door and slant bottom. Original painted dial is in poor condition and will need to be repainted. Original tablet with background loss. Original hands. Bezel glass is broken. Pendulum is missing. Ht 24"; (2) The case has a nice original finish. The original paper dial is in excellent condition, All three hands are original as is the pendulum bob. There is a nice label on the back of the case. The glass in the dial bezel needs to be replaced. Ht 27 1/2"; (3) The case (probably poplar) retains a nice original finish. The painted dial is in good condition with no losses. The hands are original. The glasses, top and bottom, are original. The movement (No. 89C) is signed. Overall, a very clean clock. Ht 22"; (4) The paper mache upper door has some problems with a small piece missing just above the letter "E" in the name, a crack repair between "A" and "N" in the name, two holes at the end of the name, a small chip just below "K" in the work INK and some some repairs and small lose on the back of the door. The door is currently detached from the hinges and will need attention. The wood case front that supports the dial has age cracks and poor repairs that will need attention. The bottom door has a worn area to one side of the center hole and a couple small holes near the center edge. The center glass in the bottom door is missing. The original paper dial is badly stained. The minute hand is missing. Although the dial states this clock has a Seth Thomas movement, in fact this example has a movement made by LaPort Hubbell of Bristol. The winding arbor on this movement is in the same place as a Seth Thomas #97 movement. Baird used these movements in some of his cases.