Condition Report For Lot# 657 :
(1) the case retains a fairly complete original finish. There is some limited veneer damage on the base and top. The painted dial has substantial paint loss. The hands appear original. The upper and lower glasses are original and in good condition as is the label. The movement is signed. Ht 26 3/4". (2) The case has been refinished. The paper dial has darkened with age and shows wear marks. The movement is signed. The label indicates that the movement has a half hour strike and carries a number of 298. Ht 22 3/4"; (3) the glass dial of the gaslight clock is NOT cracked, (which is often is the case as lighting the gas jet on a cold night would often crack the opulence glass dial). Fortunately, this one is in very nice condition; its brass is somewhat tarnished. Hands are original, dial is 5"; (4) The art deco nickel-plate auto clock shows some oxidation but is otherwise intact. Both movements tick briefly, Ht 3"