Condition Report For Lot# 654 :
(1) the case finish has turned very dark. The original paper dial has aged and is faded and stained. The hands, while period, may not be correct for this model. The piece of wood on the left side of the door is missing from the right side. The movement is signed. The door glass just above the stenciling has been scratched. Ht 20" (2) there is a repair to the porcelain dial at numeral II, otherwise dial is fine. Pendulum bob is a replacement. Turned stand has been recently turned, then painted black /gold trim. Ht as shown = 10" (3) Brass case now tarnished, with of the gold plating worn off is in need of a polishing. Original porcelain dial is perfect and the hands are original. Rating nut on the bottom of the pendulum has been replaced with a standard hex nut. Movement is signed Ht 9 3/4"