Condition Report For Lot# 652 :
(1) Refinished oak case in nice condition. The fancy top is missing. The carved leaf on the bottom bracket may not be original as the catalog shows the clock with a smooth drop. The label inside the case indicates this has a B. B. Lewis calendar. The calendar dial and movement are with clock, but lacks a bezel. The upper dial does not match the calendar dial, but this is not wrong as a few examples were made with a Lewis calendar instead of the typical Jerome calendar. See p.71 of "New Haven Clocks" guide by Tran Duy Ly showing late model Registers with the Jerome calendar #240 and with the Lewis calendar #239. The gear that meshes with the pinion on the hour pipe is missing. (2) Rosewood veneered case in original finish with minor veneer loss on the bottom and the bottom door has lost its finish. The dials are new. The case is empty. (3) Walnut case with remains of original finish. Bottom dial has yellowed with stains. Time dial has also yellowed as well with surface wear. Time and strike movement is missing. Calendar hand is original. Hands for the time dial are in an envelope inside the case. Original backboard.