Condition Report For Lot# 626 :
(1) Refinished rosewood veneered case in nice condition with remains of original rosewood graining on the upper turned wood door. The rosewood veneer on the lower round sides has some cracks and lifting. Original painted dial with considerable loss, but worth having properly restored. Both lower tablets are original with gold leaf peacocks, one has a crack. Nice label inside the case. This is a rare clock and worth restoring and the movement should be easy to find (a few of these had Ives' tin plate movements, but this one had a more common early Ingraham 8 days striking movement. Ht 18 1/2"; (2) Rosewood veneered case in original finish with minor scratches. Columns retain original gilding on the capitals and bases. Original tablet (unique to S. C. Spring clocks) with some peeling and lifting in top area of the glass. The dial and minute hand are missing. There are no weights or pendulum rod or bob. The door knob is missing. Very good label inside the case. Ht 30 1/2"; (3) Mahogany veneered case in an old finish with some loss on the base. Columns look to have retained their original stenciling. Mirror is a replacement. Painted wood dial is a little thicker than standard, but appears to be period. Hands are original. About one half of the top has been replaced with new wood. The stenciling on the two small top glasses has been properly restored. There is no pendulum. Ht 27 1/2"