Condition Report For Lot# 588 :
(1) The case is the "Western Union" model which was made by The E. Ingraham Company. The solid oak case retains some original finish. The paper dial is in good condition and the hands are period. This clock may not be a marriage, but the case needs to be examined for evidence of another movement. After fire destroyed Welch's factories in 1899, the firm bought cases from other manufacturers including Ingraham, Gilbert perhaps others until their new factory resumed operations in 1901. Ht 36 1/4". (2) The walnut case retains some finish. The painted time dial needs restoration. The hands appear correct. The paper calendar dial is discolored and spotted. The, time and strike, movement has no linkage to the calendar mechanism and may have come from a different clock since risers are necessary in this case. Ht 24 1/4"