Condition Report For Lot# 1124 :
Mahogany banded case with an old and possible original finish with a couple small veneer pieces missing the bottom door. The case has a one piece mahogany backboard. The throat frame is rabbeted on the back and attached to the case with two wood screws. Throat glass is very thin and broken in two places with a different piece at the top to replace a missing section. Bottom glass is very old and may be a replacement as it does not quite match the background color of the throat glass. Bottom door looks to have had a winding key door lock that is now missing. Nice set of period and likely original hands. T-bridge step train brass movement attaches to the backboard with through bolts. Heavy iron dial attaches to the case with three L-turns. The painted dial is soiled and it appears that the numbers may have been rabbeted Left side arm has been repaired in the center area. Eagle finial is a replacement. Ht 29 3/4"