Condition Report For Lot# 857:
overall excellent original condition. This clock is typical of special order clocks provided by independent cabinet shops in the late 1800s, and this movement is among the highest quality produced by Seth Thomas. This specific clock was located in the Clark and True Jewelry shop in Middleton, Conn., from the 1880's until 1960 when they went out of business. It was moved to a family estate on Long Island where it sat until it was discovered in 2004 by Kirtland Crump. Mr. Crump re-silvered the dial and over hauled the movement and sold the clock to the current owner. Movement is stamped and dated and appears to be the same movement as was used on the S.T. Regulator No. 12, however this clock does not have jeweled pallets. The case is missing the bottom back panel which mildewed while sitting in the cellar and has been replaced with pine boards. Bottom storage latch was moved up and someone added shelves at some point for the jewelry store (note one of the shelves stamped Clark and True). The tip to the pointer for rating screw is absent. Ht 89"
Estimate: $5000 - $7000