Condition Report For Lot# 856:
although New Haven made these giants to compete with Ansonia and Waterbury, they didn't sell that many, and they are hard to find. There are some remains of original finish, however, most of the case has been steel wooled, then over-coated and rubbed to a nice sheen. It has a very mellow caramel color. There are some extra holes in the back of the clock from screwing it to the wall, and some of the holes have been filled with doweling and sanded off, stained to match {see close up image}. The movement is clean, re-strung and running. Note the very top carved shell, about 4" has been newly carved; balance of top is old, and 3 "feet" have been added to help stabilize it to the case. This is an exceptionally tall clock and is very impressive. Includes an extra, purpose made base to convert the clock to a wall model. Ht 10' 2" as shown, or as a wall model it totals 95"
Estimate: $14000 - $18000