Condition Report For Lot# 853:
the case retains its original finish nicely rubbed down. The engraved dial has been resilvered with some minor discoloration. The lower glass with gold stenciling stating "Webb C. Ball, Co. JEWELERS, CLEVELAND.O." has been restored. The movement is stamped Webb C. Bal with a normal Graham style deadbeat verge where the crutch rides against one side of the pendulum rod, held there by gravity. The mercury in the nickel plated pendulum tubes has been replaced with steel shot and functions perfectly. The nickel weight and nickel pulley, door latch, beat scale and pendulum are original. These are outstanding timekeepers and examples were used in the Naval Observatory in Washington DC. There is also an example is in the Massachusetts Governor's mansion. Ht 72"
Estimate: $10000 - $12000