Condition Report For Lot# 724:
the top 5" of the case are missing, we are guessing because it needed to fit in a 9' ceiling, what is there is 105", and it would be 110" if complete; there are 4 or 5 other small trim's lacking, but enough originals to copy & restore the case. See American Clocks, volume 2, by Tran Du Ly, for a drawing and other info on this series of Howard timekeepers. The steel seconds hand has been replaced by one with 2 little trains at each end [visually interesting]. Otherwise, this is a great original clock, with all 12 recording mechanisms intact. Note each recorder punches dots into a dial of circular graph paper, when the watchman inserts his key or closes a circuit at a remote station. For definitive info, see "The Watchman's Clock in America", by Philip H. Haselton (1993), pg 63 and Fig A-2 and A-3. Some folks have reproduced the round recording paper, you might find them on the internet, however Fig A-2 gives you the basic info if you choose to do it yourself. Note this clock should be moved by forklift, otherwise is a 4-man job, so please bid with the advance knowledge that you will need to take it home from the Radisson on auction day. (When we can help you load it) Ht 105", weight over 400 lb
Estimate: $5000 - $7000