Condition Report For Lot# 374:
the case retains its original finish. The hands are absent. In 1877 the Hahl Clock Company, Chicago, Illinois, introduced the first pneumatic operated master clock system. The pendulum-driven master clock system needed no electrical current to control the remote (slave) clocks. This master clock ran the slaves by pumping air through lines to the slave clocks. Every 30 seconds a puff of air would be generated by the master clock and every minute, after the second puff, the minute hand on the slave would advance. The innovative clock systems prove their viability and durability with a service life exceeding 100 years. The Hahl Clock Company is still in existence today under the name National Time and Signal. This clock is sold "as is". Old timers might recall there was a pneumatic clock in the window of Bowman's Technical School in Lancaster, PA. Ht 102"
Estimate: $800 - $1100