Condition Report For Lot# 36:
ticks briefly, winds properly, the fusee chain is attached and the crown wheel and escapement function when pressure is applied to the contrate wheel. The movement is in good condition with a few scratches near signature at pillar post. The inner case only (outer case absent) appears to be original and is in fair condition with some wrinkling and one small split on rear right side. The dial is in good condition and needs to be cleaned and polished with some light loss to the champlevé numerals in outer 5-minute markers. One of the most celebrated horologists in history, Thomas Tompion (1639-1713) is often referred to as the "Father of English Clock Making." During his lifetime, Tompion’s watches and clocks were the epitome of horology. Tompion executed royal commissions for King Charles II and King William III, and he was one of the first to devise a numbering system for the more than 5,000 clocks and watches he produced during his lifetime. This is an early example (#0304) from the hand of one of the greatest horologists of all time and offers a glimpse of early English and high precision horology. The Solvang Antique Center of Solvang, California sold a very similar example #0228 recently that was retailed at the list price of $35,000.
Estimate: $4000 - $6000