Condition Report For Lot# 93 :
(1) Weight drive movement in good condition. Has a pendulum and pulley. No weight; (2) Chain drive tall clock movement is missing the second wheel in the time train, the strike train fan, the hour wheel and the bell; (3) Brass movement in good condition. Part of the Geneva stop is missing; (4) Weight driven brass movement. The verge does not engage the escape wheel and will need attention. The threaded part of the bell stand is broken off. The pendulum support bridge may be replaced. The 13" x 18.5" dial probably not original to the movement as the bottom pillars have been bent to fit the holes in the front plate. Painted dial has some loss in the 12 o'clock area and at the seconds bit; (5) 11.25" convex dial glasses; (6) Chain drive brass fusee movement in good condition with original hands.