Condition Report For Lot# 866 :
the case retains its original finish. The dial has been professionally repainted, hour hand replaced with a genuine E. Howard hand from a smaller model and is about an inch too short. The minute hand is original. There is a half inch shadow board attached to the case back, well done and can be removed. A thin piece of molding about 8" long is absent from the circular rim around bottom tablet. The length of the clock itself is 59", while the length of the shadow board is 62". Otherwise this clock is in very good original condition, with original gold leaf pendulum rod, decorated bob, tie-down, baffle, weight and pulley. The movement has been recently serviced by the consignor and is properly signed E. Howard & Co., Boston, Mass., part of the text is hidden under suspension bridge (see detail photo). Iron weight with cast in "1", as used on a #1 or #6. Dated 1875 behind mounting bracket.