Condition Report For Lot# 740 :
case is very good, with minor spotting and specks of verdigris, dial professionally restored, hands good, pendulum good, ticks and strikes, bell replaced, exit pallet with small chip at tip, service and adjustment recommended. LeRoy is a name well known to students of horological history. This clock was likely retailed through their London outlet at 296 Regent Street, which was established in 1854, and catered to a wealthy English clientele. In 1863, LeRoy & Fils was appointed Watchmaker to Queen Victoria, and later secured this designation to the Emperor of Brazil, and Queen Isabella II of Spain. The LeRoy firm were participants in the major 19th century exhibitions of arts and industry, and regularly received high honors for their work. A clock with an identical case and escapement is in the collection of the L. Leroy museum, and can be seen at www.montres- The company also offers extracts from their archives which would provide details regarding the manufacture and sale of this clock. The coup perdu (lost beat) escapement allows for a half seconds pendulum to show true seconds. Every other vibration is "dead", as in the chronometer escapement, thus allowing a pendulum beating 120 times per minute to display dead seconds on the dial.