Condition Report For Lot# 498 :
(1) The case is in very good condition. The original painted dial shows some loss at the attachment pins. The hands are original as are the door glasses, the bottom tablet by Wm. B. Fenn; (2) The case has veneer repairs and has been refinished. The painted dial is in good condition. The hands are period. The door glasses are replaced; (3) The case has minor veneer damage along the base. The hands are original and the original painted wood dial in very good condition. The top glass is new. The bottom glass by Wm. B. Fenn is original. The movement is signed; (4) The case has minor veneer damage toward the bottom. The painted dial and hands are original. The door glasses are original, with the lower decalcomania glass has some deterioration. It shows the U. S. Capitol with Charles Bulfinch's original dome before the current larger dome was added during Lincoln's administration. The movement is signed Davies Lever Patent - 1846.