Condition Report For Lot# 72 :
CASE: A few minor dings; Lip for opening back with ding in edge, band also with minor dent at this point; Minor scratches on outer surface of case; Fine scratches on inner surface of case; Front cover with strained hinge, opens to 110 degrees; Catch does not release when crown is depressed; Gap between band and front cover when closed; One hinge plug missing; Crystal absent; Precious metal content tested. DIAL: Specks of dirt / dust; Tiny flake at center arbor, otherwise very good. HANDS: Minor spots of oxidation. MOVEMENT PLATES: Minor scratches on plate; Specks of verdigris; Case screws with minor abrasion; Specks of dirt, gummy. MOVEMENT FUNCTION: Broken balance staff; Minute wheel with spots of rust; Escapement functional.