Condition Report For Lot# 271 :
Movements 1: The wood movement and dial are not original to each other. The movement looks complete with some small teeth and pinion damage. Hands and bell are original. Original set of pewter hands. The dial has a piece broken off, but is in the box. The other box contains a wood dial fitted to a chain drive movement. Movement 2: Painted white dial with some minor loss at the upper left corner. Movement looks complete with nice hands. Movement 3: Painted white dial is nice for its age with a couple minor flakes. The moon dial has significant paint loss and will need restoration. The calendar wheel and hands are missing. Movement looks to be complete with a bell. Dial size is 14' x 20". Movement 4: Brass movement needs to be cleaned and has some surface rust to the steel work. Movement is stamped on the back of the front plate. Movement size is 4.25" wide by 5.25" high. Movement 5: Brass movement with rust on the steel work and significant rust on the painted iron dial and false plate. Minute hand is missing. This movement will require a fair amount of work to restore it. Movements 6: A tall clock dial mounted to a balance wheel movement. Large spring pendulum movement, and a couple of tambour movements and dials and etc. There are no weights or pendulums for any of the movements.