Condition Report For Lot# 1038 :
Although this lot looks tremendous in the photo, the gown on the statue has been painted with gold paint, and the body with dark bronze paint. The base of the statue has an adapter to help it fit snugly into the brass carriage on the clock. The pendulum itself appears to have a replacement rod, as the originals are generally "stepped" with 3 sizes of rod, with trim at each junction; glass lenticle is intact. The rear cover that assists in retaining the movement has been replaced and painted black to match the case. On the positive side, the movement is signed with Guilmet's unique "GLT" impression, and the clock ticks robustly and strikes on a bell. For more details see D. Roberts "Mystery Novelty and Fantasy Clocks", chapter 21, covering several styles of mystery clocks. Ht 29.5"